Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Empties for the month of June/July

The month of June and July has gone so quickly i can't believe it, as you know these months are holidays and summer time but one bit it has not felt like that. And its already going to be august tomorrow why o why no sunshine. 
So i know i did not do any empties last month because i didn't have a lot of products to show you guys. On day to day basis i use rarely few products so it gets really hard to use products up as i'm really not into hair care which i have tons of to use up.

1.Rituals Yogi Flow shower gel- I got this shower gel in glossy box (can't remember which month it was) but i was really skeptical about using a gel but as i kept using it really loved the smell and the consistency of the gel. I won't be buying this shower gel as you can buy other shower gel for far more cheaper than this but it was really good to try this out.

2. Wilko Anti-dandruff shampoo- This might sound odd but i don't have dandruff yet i tend to use anti-dandruff shampoo because this is what we all use in the family and i am not too fussy about using this shampoo. We normally buy Head&Shoulder anti-dandruff shampoo but i don't know how this month we had this in out shower so we finished this up. I am not too particular about shampoo as i believe they all work the same and i have been using Head&Shoulder or Pantene every since i was little (i guess this is my family choice shampoo)

3.H&M citrus passion shower gel- I like using a shower gel which smells really nice and i also tend to pour it in my bath to make bubbles (i am such a little girl at heart lol). Nonetheless i just picked this shower gel randomly from H&M and i thought it would smell like holiday in a bottle but it smelt really artificial and not too strong.

4. Herbal essence hello hydration shampoo- Like before i said i am not too fussy about shampoo but i do like to try few shampoo's here and there. After trying it i always go back to H&S which means i have yet to find a holy grail shampoo but the mean time its still H&S and i don't think there are any except that one for me. This shampoo did not do a lot for me so i won't be buying this again.

5. Boot botanics rosewater toner- So in the month of may i finished the cleanser i think from this range and i have used this toner just at the beginning of June. I still have the every awful smelling moisturiser from this range yet to finish (i would be so glad when it finishes). So fingers cross next empties i can show it to you.

6. Anna Sue sweet wish perfume- I really loved this perfume and i am sad its gone. As you know or may not know i have been trying to use my perfume up so i can build a better collection but now i feel like why did i use this up!

7. Gosh touch up concealer- I bought this quite a while ago and i loved using it but after buying the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer i seem to have forgotten about this. One day when i tried using this concealer it smelt really funny and you can see the concealer has broken up which obviously means its time to throw it out.

This is my empties for the month of June/July, hope it wasn't too boring as it was mainly shower gel and shampoo oopss!!

Take care hunnibeez


  1. I used to absolutely adore that anna sui perfume! love it x

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  3. I know what you mean about the shower gel, my sister baought it and I remember hating the smell too. So refreshing how honest you are lol x


  4. Wow, you are so cool and creative, love everything!!!
    Check out my new post:)