Saturday, 28 July 2012

Feels like superman!

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the olympics 2012 and what a bang it was. I know its not great  and big as beijing one but this is "London BABY" different place, different culture. Even though i am not originally British i feel like a part of the Britain as i have lived here for years. Tell me your thoughts on it.
Rather off topic to olympics on to the outfit post and title. So i bought this top from River island on sale which has a long back to cover you backside (i guess) and the front has regular hemline like any normal top and its two tone colour black & white made me fall in love instantly. I have seen so many tops with long back but this is an unusual shape i have ever come across so i grab the opportunity to buy it and wearing this today made me feel like a super man or should i say superwoman lol. 

Top- River island
Skirt- H&M
Wedge heel- Zara

Neon bracelet- Newlook
Pink wrap bracelet- Ebay
Rings- Antique store (can't remember the name), Topshop

Btw loving pastel nails hence the different shade of pastel, this combos has been my favourite all summer long, as soon as i have days off i have been wearing the same combos for weeks now!

take care hunnibeez


  1. I watched the opening ceremony and, despite being slightly skeptical to begin with it managed to make me incredibly patriotic, so I guess it did what it was supposed to! Haha. I loved it. This is a great post, too :)




  3. Adorable! Love your Outfit!

  4. Love that top! And what gorgeous nail colours!

  5. great look! love the top x