Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy chinese new year!

This is going to be short post as i need to get up early tomorrow but i really wanted to wish everyone happy chinese new year another reason to celebrate and to dress up. I really wanted to dress red for this occasion so here is my outfit post.

Dress- Asos
Cardigan- River Island
Tights- Primark
Belt- H&M

Take care hunnibeez

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Denim love

You may notice a better quality picture here because this is from a new camera or shall i say i borrowed it from my boyfriend for the graduation so i am taking plenty of opportunity until i hand it back to him. I got it yesterday and played about with it, it is so freaking complicated and it is the panasonic lumix G1. I always had a wish list of big SLR camera but now i'm having second thoughts on it. Anyways attempted to shoot my outfit outside with big camera, windy as hell and trying to get my angle right was a nightmare.

So today i wore my high waisted pleated skirt with denim shirt which i've missed so much since summer left us. I used to wear this denim shirt with everything in summer it was my go-to piece. I know you can't see the denim shirt properly because of the lighting which i am really sorry about still trying to figure out this white balance please forgive me.

Denim shirt- Matalan
Skirt- H&M
Tights- Primark
Shoes- New look

I tried to take a closer shot of my necklace and bracelets (which are a recent purchase) but it would focus on everything else beside the things that i wanted.

Accessories- All topshop

Take care hunnibeez

Saturday, 21 January 2012


You might or you might not know i am a big make up freak too, wouldn't say i have huge makeup collection but would say i have more than what i need. This brings to my naked palette i am huge fan of, as huge as it gets i got both of them. Some might call it stupid or some might say insane but i just wanted to see both of them.

I don't quite remember when i got my first naked palette but it might have been in the middle of 2011. But i remember when this was out it got completely sold out as soon as it was released and even when they restocked them many times it got sold out. So i got it really late then others and since then i have non-stopped used these colours to go out at day or even night out. Its has a velvet packaging and is magnetic to open and close. It also came with a small sized infamous urban decay primer potion and eye shadow brush.

It comes with 12 eyeshadow few matt shades and mostly shimmer ones.

(L-R) Virgin, sin, naked, side car, buck, half baked, smog, darkhorse, toasted, hustle, creep and gunmetal.

I really love these colour especially virgin for the highlights, naked in the crease and buck for the outer corners (this has been my everyday makeup look) and if i wanted to switch it i used use some other shades like sin, toasted, side car, half baked etc. Although i would like to say i don't used creep and gun metal too much i think i have only used once when i went out because it shimmery. But i just love this palette as it my go-to makeup essential.

And then Naked 2 palette comes along, m not quite sure if it available on store but i got it off from Debenhams online store so just grabbed it once i saw it incase it gets sold out again. So this palette has tin case packaging which i am not a fan of, it looks kiddish and looks like a pencil case to me. Also came with a lipgloss and double sided brush which was a little bit let down because i was expecting the infamous primer potion again, never mind the brush is good.

Before i got my hands on this palette i saw a lot of reviews from youtube makeup guru's saying that it is better than first naked palette, has more wearable colours and they preferred this one to the other one. But when i got my hands on and played around with it, i found out that there are still shimmery eyeshadows here and also the black wasn't the matt black too (very disappointed about it) and most of the eyeshadows are so similar to first one.

(L-R) Foxy, half baked, bootycall, chopper, tease, snakebite, suspect, pistol, verve, ydk, busted, blackout

Overall, love the palette hence got both of them but wouldn't buy both if in financial situation or just for the hype because it has similar colours. Also gutted the naked 2 did not come with primer potion.

Take care hunnibeez

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Best of 2011 fashion favourite

I know you guys are familiar with Best of beauty 2011 blogpost or vidoes on youtube but i wanted to do my take on Best of fashion favourite 2011. Its basically the same gist but on my favourite pieces of clothing i have enjoyed for the year of 2011.

1. Body con skirt, High-waitsed A line skirt, Rara skirt
These type of skirt has been so right up my street because it hugs your body like a glove. It is really flattery to any body shape, it shows of your great pins and it looks uber chic, sexy as well as sophisticated. You can dress them up with floaty top, skirt and a hell or dress them down bu adding tights and boots. I know 2010 was all about body con dress but 2011 was all about body con skirt and high-waisted skirts.

2. Maxi skirt/Midi skirt
Next up is a little bit full length then mentioned above skirts, its the Maxi skirt. They are flowy, comfy, easy as well as breezy to wear. 2010 showed us maxi dress but 2011 came up with maxi skirt which was great for people who likes to dress conservative as well as edgy or boho chic. They are so versatile to wear, gives petite frame a taller look (for people like me), very light weight jersey material meaning great for summer but can also be worn with tights and boots in winter for edgy look.

3. Chunky cardigan
I think this year has been all about chunky cardigan with cable nit pattern. They are really staple piece for my wardrobe because it has kept me warm and cosy. 2010 winter showed huge trend for elbow patches and it still has carried to 2011. I also think this year has brought the grandpa/grandma looking cardigans back in fashion. So who says grandpa/grandma looks weren't fashionable?

4. Cosy jumpers
Another grandpa/grandma looking trend personally i think is jumpers. I had never been a fond of jumpers ever before only because i thought it looked very old school geek but 2011 has given me a chance to break my norm. I have been drawn to jumpers ever more this year because it just gives you the warmth as well as chic or causal look. They are so comfy to wear and go to piece if i don't know what to wear and just adding accessories like statement necklace makes it look chic and effortless.

5. Sheer Button up T-shirt
Massive trend for 2011 has been Sheer Button up T-shirt. They are again easy and breezy to wear. People has literally lived on these type of t-shirt which are longer at the back and shorter at the front paired up with leggings. Personally i would pair it with jeans and heels to dress them up but it can also be worn by buttoning right up and giving a geeky trend a run for the money. Also pairing it up with the above jumpers and buttoning right up has been HUGE HUGE trend this year.

So i have only listed 5 favourite here but i have many more. Nevertheless these have been my best of 2011 fashion favourites and have worn them to death.
Hope you like my post

Take care hunnibeez

Sunday, 15 January 2012


This winter has been so unpredictable or should i say the most pleasant winter ever, it has given us sometimes cold windy chills, sometimes freezing times and some lovely warm sunshine like today. None the fact i have enjoyed it so much and this is from a person who just hates winter weather. Luckily it hasn't been snowing and that's a thank you god! I genuinely loved snow when i was a kid as schools/college/uni would be closed but then growing up work life has led me to hate snow because it just abandons you at home and can't go to earn. As earning is important for me to do some major shopping.

Anyway, it has been really crisps chilli sunny weather so here is an outfit of the day that i wore to go out to town.

Aviator jacket- New look
Mustard top- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Belt- H&M
I know i look super sad in this post as i am not feeling 100% still. But i promise will return to you with a happier face :).

I had to take a different shot of my rings because my camera battery died anyways its the usual rings that i wear nearly ever day. But wanted to show this lovely nail polish design created buy the 17 magnetic nail polish that i showed you in my last haul!

Btw i wanted to ask you guys if anyone is going to IMATS in february, i would love to go but none of my friends are into makeup so i can't decide and also i don't want to go on my own. Let me know if you are!

Take care hunnibeez

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Been away for a while now!

I am a big procrastinator a big big one because i said i was going to blog more often which was one of my new year resolution but i haven't :(. But behold i have few excuse for not being able to blog and that is my mac book not being able to read my sd card reader, i have been ill for the past couple of days and also working night shift which hasn't helped much. Anyways, m still ill have cold but feel better then before. Moving on, right now i am trying to multi-task cooking and blogging which i don't think go hand in hand but oh well i just wanted to get some outfit post done today. This photo is not from today, it was from the weekend when i went out for a movie.

I am a massive fan of one piece dress, they are a must have item for me. Mainly being they are so simple to dress up with heels or dress them down with tights and some comfy boots. Also not to forget looks effortless. Here, i have this one piece dress from H&M bought a year ago which has stud detail at the front (always a fan of stud) and some black lines through it. It is my perfect fit not too long or not too short. To give it a causal look, i have a cardigan, tights and boots too keep me warm.

Dress- H&M
Cardigan- H&M
Tights- Primark
Boots- Primark

Rings- H&M and primark
Watch- Asos
On a last note this is what i have been doing, watching made in chelsea, having gallons of warm water, strepsil to sooth my throat and i guess flicking through the magazine.

Take care

Monday, 2 January 2012

New years Eve 2011 + New Year 2012


I am a tad bit late but its better late then never eh? I had decided to post this last night but my mac book decided not to upload photos so i had to do it today! So, I didn't do any partying like i usually used to do or should i say like to do on new years eve but i did spend some quality time with my boifeee on new years eve. Must say this is my very first time having a quite night in not doing anything. But we did go to china town to dine which was not the best thing i have ever ate in china town but nevermind that i especially wanted to go there to get a lovely china town cake which i just love. I'm sure you would have loved it too. Anyways we celebrated with lovely china town cake and turned the telly on to see the fireworks in london.

Since i wasn't going clubbing or anything on new years eve i wanted to dress up anyway because its the new year (any excuse to dress up). I wore my black studded dress from Asos which i bought it few years ago and paired it with a black heeled bootie from Chockers.

On the 1st of Jan, we decided to go to Bluewater Shopping Center to buy very expensive thing ever. But before that i wore this lovely skater dress from primark

Dress- Primark
Tights- Primark

Rings- Asos+Ebay
Bracelet- Asos

This might be funny and weird to everyone out there but this is my first ever laddered tights (i feel badass now!)

Moving on to my expensive purchase on that day and could not buy anything after this is my new pair of glasses, will showcase it once the lenses are put on but to be honest i feel skint to do it (when is payday?).

Take care hunnibeez