Friday, 21 September 2012

Prints and Pink

it has been a little chilly but not too cold so i have an outfit post here which co-orporates bold prints on top and a pretty dress which i am all about in the summer. Any kind of pretty dress is so easy for summer and airy i just love such dress which i can just chuck on in the morning and not think about what can i pair this with that or with that or this lol (so true though). 

So i have been loving this bomber style jacket with zebra print i think (not too sure) but looks like one and so in trend for the summer. This jacket just gives an edge to my pretty pink dress, to add an extra point this dress has pockets too (how convenient are they?). 


Dress- Forever21
Jacket- River Island
Heels- Zara
Sunglasses- Ebay
Bracelet- H&M

Take care hunnibeez

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summer break!

I am back from my long long long summer break as you might have known, i have been loving the lovely weather here in UK which means i love being out and about. I apologise for my absence but please forgive me because this type of weather does not last long so i was trying to soak all the sun up (always remind me of the song by sheryl crow lol). 

I love London as you might know from my last post so me and my boyfriend decided to hit some awesome places like wembley 02, the cable car and olympic village (which we could not make it as time ran out).

 (Sorry for the crappy picture)
Hi-low dress- Forever 21
Bag- TKMax
Belt- River Island
Sandals- Chockers
Sunglasses- Rayban

 Moving on to beautiful views


Hope you like it!
take care hunnibeez!