Sunday, 20 June 2010

OFTD sunday

this is y'day outfit of the day which i am posting it i went to see letters to juliet on sunday straight after work but ofcourse had little time to get ready so no makeup day...i felt that the movie was such a cute romantic love story....n to be honest wenever i see old couple i find them so cute and my view that's wats romantic being old couple n still in love....

anyhoozz moving to the OFTD

Cropped T shirt- New Look

Jeggings- New Look

Military heel boots- Missguided

i neva thought that military boots would suit me but then i found a perfect one with heels....i think it gives a chic aswell as tough look with them boots and defoooo THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING.....!!!

take care my hunnibees


CrOppeD dEnIm JaCkETs

okay i have to say after getting the spring 2010 magazine of H&M (i know its a bit late for that but anyhoos) i have to say OMGEZZZZ denim jackets are back......n i always loved denim jackets.....

the picture says it all doesn't it.....ahhh love love love.....yas denim jackets or even cropped jackets are so in matches almost everything from floral skirts to anything, it adds a texture to the clothes which makes it trendy n edgy....i have to admit i jus love denim jacket and also another confession is that i bought this cropped like denim jacket ages ago...erm about couple of few years ago...i'd neva thought it would come back to fashion so i left it in a corner of my wardrobe but wen i say this magazine i was estatic about denims and took out this piece....heres my take on denim...ive matched it with plain tank top which gives a spring and summery vibe...

take care my Hunnibees