Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Leather Leggings

Okay I must say I have been MIA for few weeks now, its only because its christmas. I hope everyone had a very good christmas as for me i was working and it was stinkingly boring day kept yawning every minutes, ate lots of chocolates and food and then yawned again. And the next day which is the boxing day I had to drop my elder sister to her home who came to stay with us for the weekend and it took us about 3 hrs drive. So i am so gutted that i missed on my boxing day sale. Nevertheless, i went to few stops like tkmax and matalan today but didn't get much, but i am going to my boyfriend's place tomorrow so i will be grabbing some sale stuff hopefully!
M rambling like usual on to the outfit, this is what i wore out today.

Purple Top- Primark
Leather legging- H&M
Wedge heel- Newlook

Rings- Topshop
Bracelets- H&M and Nepal
Nail polish- Moonshine from Topshop

Take care hunnibeez

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Beware!!! Today's blog has picture overload and is exciting post as it's HAAAAUUUL time. I went shopping (bad bad) but could not help it as i had a crap day yesterday so i wanted to cheer myself up today. So firstly this is what i wore to town, keeping it causal so i can walk for hours (although i did not). You may notice the background has changed but i was just experiment changes plus to get better lighting.
So straight to the OOTD

Button-up top- H&M
Jeans- Topshop
Chelsea boots- Topshop
Belt- Marks & Spencer

Rings- Primark
Chain Necklace- i think its topshop can't quite remember sorry!
Bracelet- Nepal

So most exciting part is the HAUL, but to be honest i didn't buy loads. The one thing i really really wanted to buy was Allegra boots from River island which are a little bit cheaper alternative to Topshop one that are never in stock but to my bad luck they did not have my size such a bummer. Anyways, most of the item are from H&M because i love the store. Also went other places but did not attracted me.

A black basic belt with gold hardware as i seem to wear my Marks & Spencer belt all the time it needed a rest.
Velvet fetish has never grown on me but i am trying to take baby step to velvet. So this dress is really cute has velvet top half and the has a ballerina skirt, also the price i could not let go only £9.99.
Next is a high waisted pleated skirt, this is kind of short so might need to wear tights with it but it looks amazing on. I know LLYMRS rocks them in her blog so i wanted to rock mine too.
So something not from H&M is few products from Boots which is Tresseme high shine spray and 17 magnetic nail polish that i've been wanting to try.

Last but not the least fairy lights to make my room pretty and colourful for christmas time.

Take care hunnibeez

Monday, 12 December 2011

Blacking it out

Today i am not having a good day everything has frustrated me (one of those days). Anyways I put this outfit quickly together as i had to do some grocery shopping today. I just love this black dress and it is from H&M bought few weeks back, has button and is very cute. There had been a phase in my life where i used to love black colour and wore everything black. Anyway that was way back when i was in college but until now i had been favouring the bold bright colour. For some reason my wardrobe has got black colour power again.

It has been really chilly here in UK, but i can get away with wearing a dress with cosy tights because i was literally on the car and out to the supermarket. Wore this dress with my chelsea boots which i am in love and the comfiest shoe ever. And also i have minimum makeup when i say minimum literally just YSL lipstick no foundation, concealer, or even eyeliner (i can't believe that, can you?)

Dress- H&M
Belt- Primark
Necklace- Topshop
Tights- Primark
Ring- Primark
Boots- Chelsea Boots

Take care

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Festive feeling!

Been a long time since i posted anything on my blog, i am such a lazy person seriously! Anywhoo i hope everyone is loving the festive feeling, its nearly time for christmas whoooopp whoooop! To be honest i don't celebrate christmas but i just love the festive feeling and something about christmas, coldness, food makes me love it more n more. So hope everyone is feeling the same but to be honest i love the anticipation of xmas and then when the day comes its so boring to me since i don't celebrate it like i said. Anyways too much rambling on to the outfit post!

So i was looking for the glittery jumper for few months as the metallic and glitter trend hit this autumn/winter but the ones that i found was too itchy or not soft or etc etc. But as soon as i saw this jumper in H&M few weeks back i liked it and then when i touched it, it was so soft like any another jumper so i fell in love with it. This is an causal outfit that i wore today to run errands here and there. The jumper is so soft and cosy plus the coat with the fur trimming gave me so much warmth in this windy horrible weather!

Glittery jumper- H&M
Jeans- Primark
Boots- New look (bought few years ago)
Rings- Topshop, Argos
Bracelet- Nepal (Gift from friend)
Coat- H&M
Bag- Shoe dazzle

Sorry about the bad quality in last few pictures, needless to say how bad the weather is and how dark it gets so quickly!

Take care hunnibeez

Monday, 14 November 2011


I haven't posted in a long while but i have a very good reason and that is my camera died on me. The last time i used it was in the beach and i think the battery died too much and it has literally stopped working now which sucks. But my dad won a competition on the radio and won himself a brand new digital camera, its not the best but it would do for me until i get myself a proper camera.

So this is an outfit that i wore when i went to westfield to do my friend's last minute shopping who is getting married soon. I will post what i wore to her hen party pictures below too.
Anywhoo this outfit i am wearing makes me chuckle a little being that i am wearing most of the highstreet which i love all in one.

Leather jacket- Topshop
Sheer monochrome Top- River Island
Combat pants- New Look
And i was also wearing Boots from Primark.
Below is just a random shot of me showing my Asos watch.
Moving on this is what i wore to my friends hen party. All my friends loved the dress and so do i and its from Asos (sorry about the mess at the back).

This is my friend who is getting married soon and the only decent photo of her and me. We bought her the crown and the sash which said hen party and wore it at the club. It was One crazy weekend!

Take care hunnibeez

Friday, 9 September 2011


So if you are living in UK, sad to say summer has literally ended and i hate it so bad! I am one of those person who loves summer more than anything..i love wearing dresses, sandals, wedges, flipflop etc etc. And the most gutted feeling is that i recently bought a really lovely pair of wedges to wear from faith and i can't wear it until next summer! booohooohooo!
Now that windy and rainy autumn has hit us its time to bring coats, jeans, tights, boots, socks, scarfs, etc etc. forward from the wardrobe as i normally push them back for summer lol!
Nevertheless, I am still in denial that summer has ended hence i wore this playsuit with tights to brave the windy+rainy weather!
I really love this playsuit which I bought ages ago from TK Max. It is strapless dress with heart shaped bust area and not to forget its floral print (which i can never get enough of).

Cardigan- George (Asda)
Playsuit- TK Max
Belt- Primark
Bag- River island
Tights- H&M
Wedges- New Look

Take care fashionistazzz

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

one summery day!

As you know UK's weather can be hit n miss n mostly miss but this outfit is from the day when it was really nicely sunny and hot (yes i said it HOT). I really wanted to post a blog on this outfit of the day because I really loved this look and it feels like i'm on holiday somewhere nice but infact, I'm just in UK. Anyways, m so sorry I haven't been blogging as often as i said i was but i've just been relaxing too much as i have graduated but not technically because my graduation is in January (what the smurf!) n a long wait.

take care hunnibeez

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Okay maxi dress might be last year but is still going around quite strong, I add but again because this year its all about jersey material type of maxi dress with racer back that i see mostly in stores rather than floral print. Maxi dress is a staple for every woman as it gives a romantic vibe, feminine, sophisticated touch, and so flattering for any body typed.
Last year when i was looking for good maxi dress i could not find anywhere the one i liked and i always thought it would never flatter a petites body. But hands down to Nicole Richie she has an aaah-mazing sense of bohemian style of wearing all these beautiful maxi dresses. She can wear it down with casual flip flops or either dressing with high heel. Nicole has inspired me and made me realise anyone can pull off maxi dress and the main thing height doesn't matter (as she is also petite like me)
I just love her fashion sense now Let the picture talk..Doesn't she look gorgeous..?

And after few hits and misses i found the jersey racer back maxi dress best suited me and this one is from H&M. As i wanted to give a causal touch i added denim shirt and wore my wedge heel because i don't like my petite height lol. I also added a belt around my waist to give this maxi dress some body. And i love the look.

Take care

Thursday, 16 June 2011


This is a DIY post that i did today. It may not look the best but i love the result and the cut up.
By no means i am a pro or a master in cutting Tees, i just happened to not like the cut of one of my boyfriend Tshirt that he gave me. The neck was too rounded and too tight so i thought of making an off the shoulder tee but apparently i didn't take any pictures so i can't show it to you guys (apologies for it). So then as i was going through youtube videos of DIY i came across this user http://www.youtube.com/user/salinabear where she has lots of DIY videos on how to cut tshirt, sleeves, fringe them and many more. And this was where i got the idea from to.

Here i have cut the Tee in off the shoulder form from rounded neck line which i hated that's why it was found very behind section of my closet unused.
This was the Tshirt before the DIY

And this is the back of the Tshirt after
Looks really messy and raggedy but i love the look. This is so easy to make and trust me you will love it to. Following up with random OOTD featuring the DIY cut up tshirt.

Tshirt- DIY Dorothy Perkins Tshirt (Bought ages ago)
Shorts- Urban Heritage (Bought in Canada)
Criss-crossed wedge heel- New look
Cap- Don't remember
Bracelet- Hamsa bracelet from ebay & Asos
Rings- All from H&M

Hope you like the post..
take care hunnibeez

Friday, 10 June 2011


This is just a random face of the day that i wore today. Nothing dramatic, just a subtle neutral look. Really wanted to be neutral today as the weather wasn't very nice, really gloomy and rainy all day. Hate this type of weather especially when you are off from work.

Face- Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm
Cheeks- Warm sunset Blush by Body shop
Contour- Sleek Face Contour Kit

Eyes- Sundown glow (eyeshadow trio) by The Body Shop
Smoked out with black eyeshadow near the wing
Eyeliner- Lakme Insta Liner (From India)
Mascara- Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara
Lips- Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion

Will be posting some review soon
take care hunnibeez