Friday, 10 August 2012

London touring!

Recently i have been loving the weather here in UK, its sometimes sunny and sometimes humid which i like (some people hate humid weather but i don't necessary mind because its warm). So i went to London the other day to see my boyfriend as he was working for the olympics, even though he had a day off he was on standby day off (if you know what i mean lol). Anyways so he was not allowed to go far places but just around where he was staying so we just had a stroll around London bridge and around that area. The day was really lovely and humid so the outfit that i put together i thought was going to be too warm but it was just right not too cold not too hot but i was planning to wear my hi-low dress which i did not. 

Moving on to the outfit, i love the cut out shoulder detail of the top i got from Ebay. I am loving the shoulder cut out detail at the moment so i have couple of tops to show you later when i get a chance but i love the colour of this top so much as it is one of my fav colour Blue. And it went very well with my studded zara jeans. 

Top- Ebay
Jeans- Zara
Heels- Faith
Sunglasses- Rayban


I love London and the city itself, it has so much to offer to see. So everymtime i go to London i feel like a little girl living the dream aahhh how much i wish i lived in London only if i was a rich girl nanananan lol. Anyways here are some picture overload of me and my boyfriend strolling around London. I hope you enjoy!

 Random bride and groom sat there while everyone took their pictures, how romantic does it look eh?

London 2012 Mascot

So the below building is the 30 St Mary Axe also known as the Gherkin, i have seen this building so many times from far but never gotten up close but this time we walked to this skyscraper builder and i was blown away. I kept saying oh my god this is amazing!



As random as i am!

 And a futuristic stair case or something.

Take care hunnibeez!


  1. Cute post! my favourite of the pictures is that random one lol. Lets keep hoping the good weather continues here in London!
    Have started following you.
    Follow me back and would love to know your thoughts hun x

  2. loveee your blue top :)

    Andrea Antoniou