Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beauty Haul!

I know my title says beauty haul but its rather a hair haul (and that does sound funny) anyways i really needed a good shampoo and conditioner for my really brittle and brassy hair that has been damaged by many hair dyes and bleached ends (so called ombre hair). So i got myself a John Frieda purple shampoo which tones the brassiness. Also wanted to try charles worthington shampoo so got myself a mini one but boots always catch me with their offers. It had 5 for 4 offer for mini's therefore got shampoo and conditioner as well as heat protectant from Charles worthington range. And with it, i got myself a cleanser and toner as i run out NO7 hot cloth cleanser. Not to forget a deep conditioner from John Frieda too as i love to give my hair a deep conditioner every now and then.

Take care


  1. The John Freida sheer blonde is amazing! I do find that it turns some of my very blonde bits white though. haha. great haul!
    Lovely blog x

  2. I love Charles Worthington products! Majority of what I use on my hair. x hivenn

  3. Love all of these products :) I hope you wil follow my blog :)