Wednesday, 7 March 2012

"You do know what size it is?"

Short outfit of the day as we had really sunny and lovely weather here in the UK. I love summer so i couldn't be excited more. But this was taken a couple of day back so the weather now is dull again (back to normal UK weather which sucks).

So i have been loving this t-shirt bought from a store called Select, it is quite baggy and believe it or not i bought a size 16 or might be 18 because that was the only they had. But i wanted to wear it as a shirt dress with legging or to tie up so i didn't mind. And funnily enough the lady at the counter said to me "you do know what size it is" and i was like yeah!

T-shirt- Select
Bodycon skirt- H&M
Tights- Primark
Shoes- Forever21
Belt- From a dress that i own

Will be updating soon with more blogpost as i have few weeks off from work again whoopp whooop!!

Take care hunnibeez!


  1. I love select clothes, there really great value :-)

    Lovely blog btw, if you have a chance do check mine out


  2. I loveee your outfit, it's really cute! You gave me inspiration to wear something similar soon. x

  3. LOVE this outfit xx