Sunday, 12 February 2012

Happy when makeup are used 2

I have done similar like post very early start of my blog and this is part 2 of it. And i am really happy when makeup are used and loved. Some of you might think its boring and ridiculous but why just share new haul and purchases and not share about the things that also gets used and finished which eventually gets me to get some more new items (geez how many get did i put in this sentence lol).

This is Rimmel stay matt pressed powder, i have mostly used it and the last remaining i don't think it pays off much when it is at its last leg, nonetheless this product is really brilliant to mattify the oily face and even good for dry skin which i have. Love the texture of it when applied, last for good hours and the first time i used it, it felt velvety effect (m not quite sure you get me here). Its cheap and cheerful around £2.99 or £3.99 price, would highly recommend.

I have had this over a year or 2 (i know its bad must've been expired too) and it is the Body shop moisture foundation in number 7. I used to wear this all the time before i got diverted to other foundations but this foundation i keep going back to so that i can use it up. I love the light to medium coverage it gives (which i prefer) and stays on the skin for long period of time.

Another old old product of mine is collection 2000 fast stoke eyeliner. I am an absolute eyeliner fan and would not leave my house without it. I have used this eyeliner ever since college and it is just the perfect eyeliner you would ever find. It is thick and has a really good applicator. Although the product looks really small i have had this for years and it still gives me very black colour. I highly highly recommend this!!! And its cheap and cheerful too :)

Another similar product is Loreal paris super liner in carbon gloss. This is also perfect for the eyeliner fan as i am and gives intense black glossiness that i love love love. I need to purchase this next time i go shopping.

And last but not the least is Maybelline eye definer liquid liner and to be quite honest i dislike this product. It doesn't stay put on you eyes for long time, wears off in few hours and doesn't show black colour much. Although love the felt tip applicator i think it just wears or dry off in overdue time.

Do you like this concept of Happy when makeup are used? Let me know

Take care hunnibeez

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