Thursday, 9 February 2012

Summary of MIA

I had a week off about a week or two ago but it was jam packed with lots of things to do. I had to attend a training for work, went to my friends home who has finally settled into a new home so we went to stay at her place, went to westfield to do some shopping for graduation, and then had graduation the next day. After the busy week went back to work, as usual it sucks to be back working and am usually working night shift at the moment so blogging has been neglected a little bit. Hope these pictures forgive my blogging neglection.

I had to put my graduation picture differently as it is a great achievement plus the infamous throwing of the cap.

Love making silly faces, met my friend after a long time, another silly face making, lights, westfield nandos, bought myself cloud nine straightner from, wine (wish it was mine), i hate snow, pretty folds from the snow.

Take care hunnibeez


  1. So pretty! We adore all of your photos! Everything looks way fun!

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    ox from NYC,


  2. great post, :) I love the photos :) I hope you will follow my blog


  3. I love silly faces!!:) thank you for always leaving such sweet comments girl! I'm glad you like my tips & tricks post:) Have a happy weekend!

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  5. You look great in the cap and gown. I looked absolutely awful in mine - so bad! Thank you for the comment. I took those pictures at the beginning of the week, and I mentioned in my last post that I work from home so if i am taking photos for the blog, I just pop outside for 5 minutes and brave the cold. It was awful but I have no room in the house to take photos, it's too dark too! :( xxx

  6. how about following each other? :)
    follow me and I'll follow you back as soon as I find you in my follower list :)