Thursday, 16 June 2011


This is a DIY post that i did today. It may not look the best but i love the result and the cut up.
By no means i am a pro or a master in cutting Tees, i just happened to not like the cut of one of my boyfriend Tshirt that he gave me. The neck was too rounded and too tight so i thought of making an off the shoulder tee but apparently i didn't take any pictures so i can't show it to you guys (apologies for it). So then as i was going through youtube videos of DIY i came across this user where she has lots of DIY videos on how to cut tshirt, sleeves, fringe them and many more. And this was where i got the idea from to.

Here i have cut the Tee in off the shoulder form from rounded neck line which i hated that's why it was found very behind section of my closet unused.
This was the Tshirt before the DIY

And this is the back of the Tshirt after
Looks really messy and raggedy but i love the look. This is so easy to make and trust me you will love it to. Following up with random OOTD featuring the DIY cut up tshirt.

Tshirt- DIY Dorothy Perkins Tshirt (Bought ages ago)
Shorts- Urban Heritage (Bought in Canada)
Criss-crossed wedge heel- New look
Cap- Don't remember
Bracelet- Hamsa bracelet from ebay & Asos
Rings- All from H&M

Hope you like the post..
take care hunnibeez

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