Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunshine in UK

hey, i am back and can you believe it UK has some sunshine for a day. I feel super super super excited, happy, awakened, active, thrilled, eager and inspired because of the sun. I am sure this is not going to last long and it will be miserable but none the less i feel super awakened. Can't imagine how the weather affects your emotions. I simply can't wait for summer now, roll on spring/summer.

So for the happiness of spring here is an outfit of the day. Very simple and comfy outfit, i wore this when i was back in US too. I just love the studded detail on this denim shirt and its pretty cheap from Primark too. Also low heeled boots are super super comfy and is my obsession for last year and this year too. I wore the same boots whilst i was in NY walking to various touristy places and believe me as i say we walked to most of the touristy places because subway was yuck! So the point is this boot was so comfy and i could walk for hours and hours!

Denim top- Primark
Skirt- H&M
Tights- H&M
Boots- Primark
Watch- Michael kors

Hope you are loving the sunshine!
talk to soon hunnibeez

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