Sunday, 15 January 2012


This winter has been so unpredictable or should i say the most pleasant winter ever, it has given us sometimes cold windy chills, sometimes freezing times and some lovely warm sunshine like today. None the fact i have enjoyed it so much and this is from a person who just hates winter weather. Luckily it hasn't been snowing and that's a thank you god! I genuinely loved snow when i was a kid as schools/college/uni would be closed but then growing up work life has led me to hate snow because it just abandons you at home and can't go to earn. As earning is important for me to do some major shopping.

Anyway, it has been really crisps chilli sunny weather so here is an outfit of the day that i wore to go out to town.

Aviator jacket- New look
Mustard top- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Belt- H&M
I know i look super sad in this post as i am not feeling 100% still. But i promise will return to you with a happier face :).

I had to take a different shot of my rings because my camera battery died anyways its the usual rings that i wear nearly ever day. But wanted to show this lovely nail polish design created buy the 17 magnetic nail polish that i showed you in my last haul!

Btw i wanted to ask you guys if anyone is going to IMATS in february, i would love to go but none of my friends are into makeup so i can't decide and also i don't want to go on my own. Let me know if you are!

Take care hunnibeez

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  1. I like your nail polish xxx