Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Empties for the month of May

I know i have already posted one or two blogpost about using my makeup and how happy i get when they are finished which was my title and a lame one but youtube guru's are calling them EMPTIES for the month of ..... which i think is such a great title. Anyhoo i have few empties for this month.

The Body shop body butter- These are the best body butter in the market i believe and love them to bits. I use them every time after having a shower to moistures my whole body. I bought these two body butter a while back when they were having an offer and have used it up by this month. Having tried few of the body shop body butters my by far the favourite is japanese cherry blossom one which also has a perfume and the next has to be the vitamin E body butter.

Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen- I love my eyeliners and i can't live without them so this eyeliner pen was really amazing with the felt tip applicator it gives really precise lines when i love the wing my eyeliner. So sad this has run out as it lasted for a long time too. 

Bourjois makeup remover- I have never been a fan of makeup remover or to be fair never liked any make up remover mainly because of the oil and water base solution. Applying oil to my skin doesn't feel right but i bought this makeup remover solution on a whim from boots as they were doing a 3 for 2 offer so i randomly picked this up. Needless to say i have converted myself to using makeup remover solution and also finishing it up because i tend to find that this removes all the traces of the makeup and then cleansing my face with a cleanser makes my face clean and removes every traces of makeup. But i would still say that i don't like this makeup remover and in a hunt for Bioderma H20 solution.

Boots botanics skin brightening cleanser- This is my second bottle of using this cleanser, and will have to say that its not the best but not the worst too. It is gentle cleanser and works well when my skin is in good condition. I also love the smell of this cleanser which isn't too strong but the smell of the moisturiser makes me sick every time i apply it (half way till i finish and then i'll be glad to get rid of that scent).

Next blogpost will be on my new haulage of skin care and few makeup items whooop whooop. My skin has been breaking out really badly so trying out my trusty skin care.

Take care hunnibeez

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