Friday, 7 May 2010

mini haul yippieee!!!

So today i went to superdrugs and boots but i didn't find any thing in superdrugs that was tempting never the less i did wanted to buy some barry m dazzle dust eye shadows but i retained myself...which is a thumps up!!

so i went to boots and there was 3 for 2 offer in revlon so the products is basically about revlon hurrrraaaahhh....okay the first thing is

Revlon lipgloss in Coral Reef

as described by the name itself this colour is a very nice coral colour n i heart heart looks gorgeous even without the lipstick and it has this lovely wand sooooo lov lov lov

another is a lippie from revlon and a mac (obviously not from boots lol)

Left- Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper Right- Revlon Pink in the afternoon

Have to admit ive been wanting the viva glam lipstick for ages but only got the chance to get it today. Its a lustre finish so it really subtle red which matches my lip colour but on the other hand pink in the afternoon is frosty pinkish colour. I wonder who chooses these names cos they are just too tempting aren't they? anyways back to the topic my lip colour doesn't match with most of the nude and pink lipstick because it look cakey on me but this lipstick with light dab it remains pinkish and like i said gives a frosty pinkish look. Moving on, the thing which i went to buy was Revlon Photoready Foundation. Been wanting that forever cos of all the youtube makeup guru was raving about it and generally bought this foundation for the photographic look. I bought mine is 005 Natural Beige which is a little fair for me but i can work with it...and the thing is i find it hard to choose foundation colour which matches my skin type. The good thing about this foundation is its got spf 20 and has a little bit of shimmer but not that apparent. Also it comes in a pump so you can't mess with them but me being clumsy as usual i get it everywhere :)

Another thing that i bought is Loreal Super Liner in carbon gloss. It is a really intense black colour which i love. For those who cannot work with liquid eye liners with the fine tip brush, felt tip liner such as Loreal is really good option to invest in. It is easy to apply and gives a fine control and cannot go wrong with it and it doesn't smudge easily which i think is important for me cos i don't like to retouch my makeup after i leave the house (couldn't b bothered) ^_^

All the products i bought:
revlon coral reef isn't red like it is showin on camera....i Promise u it is coral. My camera isn't doing any justice to it is it grrrrr camera...

And the swatches

the first swatch on the left is pink in the afternoon, second swatch beside it is mac viva glam cyndi, the top one coral reef lipgloss and finally the L letter signifies Lorean Super liner. And from now me capturing coral reef lipgloss cos it looked so nice and gorgeous..


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